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Animation. Why use it?

Use of animation to get a message across is an increasingly popular trend and an area in which Ingenious Design has developed considerable expertise.

What is animation?

Animation is an umbrella term for the whole field of moving imagery and refers to any technique that makes static objects or images move including cartoons, CGI, anime, claymation and motion graphics.

Why use it?

Simple animations are a great way to bring projects to life, providing freedom to tell a story and endless opportunities to convey complex messages which can be presented in a simplified and memorable way.

The internet loves video – digital marketers say video is the #1 preferred type of content, yielding better engagement, traffic and conversions. It is more effective at catching and holding attention, sparks greater interest and makes messages more memorable than static graphics.

How to make it good

To be effective, animation needs to be clutter free, containing only what is required with no unnecessary or distracting elements.

The trick is to make your story flow and easy to understand, creating harmony between all elements. Use subtle effects that are not too noticeable, give attention to detail to add real-life touches and steer clear from overused design elements.

As with all your communications, animation should match your brand and business goals and can of course be customised with fonts, colours and other elements to tie in with your brand identity.

Types of animation

2D animation is cheaper than 3D which is obviously more complex and takes longer to produce. A clear and straightforward 2D explainer animation, slideshow or presentation can be used to create a narrative which simplies concepts, makes instructions easier to follow and persuades viewers to take action.

Use of character animation, such as a brand mascot, can enhance storytelling and is an effective way of conveying humour and emotion and making messages more engaging and entertaining.

Motion graphics are a type of animation that involve less of a storytelling element but can be employed to supplement and animate otherwise static graphic design and create more compelling content. For example, charts, graphs and infographics can be set in motion to bring statistical data to life, making it clearer and easier to understand.

There is lots of overlap between different types of animation but whichever you use, you will be providing more engaging content for your target audience.

Ingenious Design are specialists in creating simple animations which get your message across in a clear and memorable way and establish a deeper connection with your audience.

We would love to hear from you if you think animation could work for you, so do give us a call to discuss your ideas and requirements

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