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British Nutrition Foundation

Campaign and event branding + Annual report + Education and marketing material + Education newsletters + Presentation and Word templates


British Nutrition Foundation

The client

British Nutrition Foundation is a public-facing charity which works with experts across the nutrition and food community to provide impartial, evidence-based information, education and expertise, motivating people to adopt healthy, sustainable diets for life.

British Nutrition Foundation has been a loyal client of Ingenious Design since 2000 and we have collaborated with them on their annual Healthy Eating Week since its launch in 2013.

Healthy Eating Week is all about supporting and promoting healthier lifestyles. At the heart of the week are five health challenges which vary from year to year. Aimed at schools, universities and workplaces across the UK, organisations can register and participate in a wide range of nutrition-based challenges and activities.

The brief

Each year British Nutrition Foundation ask Ingenious to create a fresh identity for Healthy Eating Week whilst following their brand guidelines.

This year we were tasked with creating five high-impact posters and accompanying engagement materials – one set for each of the health challenges. In other words, a group of showpiece assets which were required to look great and perform brilliantly. The posters really needed to stand out and inspire eating of healthy and delicious food.

To achieve this, we refined and increased the size of food imagery, avoiding overuse of highly stylised design elements in order to create a warm and appealing look. Accompanying engagement materials are clear, practical and supportive in tone, and include information on how to build a brilliant snack, a food waste survey and protein cards.

Ingenious have designed the BNF Healthy Eating Week materials for the last 10 years. They developed the original design concept, colourways and logos and have built on and refreshed the look each year to ensure it is visually appealing and engaging.

They take the time to understand our needs and undertake background thinking to stop us falling into design traps and problems further down the line. They are passionate about ‘getting it right’ and really care that their work exceeds our expectations.

Education Services Manager

The results

The result is a sophisticated suite of materials with a colourful, highly engaging and consistent look and feel for use across all areas of the education sector from early years to secondary.

All these resources are available to download from BNF’s website once registration has taken place.

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